Montag, 18. Februar 2008

Blogging again...

Hey Everyone,

considering I have neglected this blog for such a long time, I have decided to give you all a much needed update on all the things happening in my life right now...

So lets start with January

I was working until about 11:30pm on New Year's Eve and after work Alexia and I went to The George to celebrate into the new year. Unfortunately, the line to get into the bar was so long that we ended up only hearing the fireworks from the downstairs entrance, instead of actually seeing anything. And because we missed what we came for (i.e. colours and noise) and also because we could hardly move in the bar, we just stayed for a few drinks and then went home.

My birthday a week later was actually a lot of fun and gave me a much needed boost. Or maybe just booze... ;) In any case, I had a great time! I was working an am shift that day so after work Carina and I first went to the Bully Ranch to have one of their famous mudslides (an alcoholic drink with alcohol, something else, and alcohol). Afterwards we headed straight to the tap room. And since drinking alcohol always makes me hungry and the tap room had their tuesday night burger-&-beer-for-$7 special going on, we decided to indulge in what is the tasty greatness of true American food ;)

Later that evening, several of my co-workers and friends joined us and from then on all I remember is eating a lot of birthday cheese cake and drinking rounds and rounds of blowjobs. Below is a picture of Carina, me (with Blowjob in hand), Drew and Julia from that night:

At around midnight (I think) we made our way across the street to The Club, where my dear friends requested the man on stage to play some Bon Jovi for me. Which he did without even complaining. And everyone in the club sang along to it....which is proof that I wasn't the only person that night with a little too much alcohol in their blood. I *think* I went home by bus that night, but I can't be sure. However, I am proud to announce that the next day I felt just fine and even went up the mountain to go snowboarding. Can you top that?!

The next week we celebrated Johannes' birthday with a little outdoor action! Here are a couple of pictures from a fun day of snowmobiling and tubing:

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