Samstag, 6. Mai 2006

Bon Jovi in Linz


War gestern beim Bon Jovi Konzert in Linz, war sehr super, stand in der dritten Reihe genau vor Richie. :) Werd wahrscheinlich im Laufe der Woche ein paar Bilder auf laden, für die die's interessiert...Wink

jetzt folgen ein paar kleine worte zum konzert, allerdings auf englisch und wahrscheinlich nur interessant fuer diejenigen, die sich viel mit der band beschaeftigen...!

I thought Nickelback were a great support act. I've been to many many concerts in my life, and they were easily among the best support acts ever. You may not like their music, but they got the crowd into a great mood, the singer was really sympathetic and the guitarrist was hot ;)

Nuff' said - on to Bon Jovi!

LAST MAN STANDING - What I liked about it was that it was really long. What I didn't like: it seemed a little slow... Not too good an opener. Furthermore, nobody in the pit seemed to move... but then again that may have been because Jon was out of sight (in front of the second pit, so none of us in the first rows of the first pit were able to see him).

YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME - It rocked! I couldn't believe how great Jon's voice sounded. None of that nasal stuff he usually does. YAY

CANTAIN CRASH & THE BEAUTY QUEEN FROM MARS - Not a song I personally like too much, but it got people going, so I guess it's worth having it in the set.

I'D DIE FOR YOU - One of the highlights, didn't at all expect to hear that song. Found myself forgetting the lyrics halfway through. How embarressing ;)

THE RADIO SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT - Can't remember too much about this one, but it was good.

NOVOCAINE - great, one of the best live songs!

BORN TO BE MY BABY - the usual: nananana didn't stop. the song was done much in the same way as 2003.

STORY OF MY LIFE - works great live! much more so than on the cd.

JOEY - i was hoping it wouldn't be played. on the positive side: they managed to make it rock a little bit

IN THESE ARMS - got the crowd boiling again. This song should be played at EVERY show imo.

HAVE A NICE DAY - Richie showed his middle finger several times. I wonder who it was directed to ;)

WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T GO HOME & IT'S MY LIFE - both done well, but Jon seemed to lack some energy. But at least the crowd made up for it!

I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU (electric/Richie Sambora on lead vocals) - Amazing as always!

SOMEDAY I'LL BE SATURDAY NIGHT - I was very happy they played it, great song. Although I could hear the audience more than Jon.

KEEP THE FAITH - Was a bit disappointing - no jungle screams, Still good though.

BAD MEDICINE (SHOUT) - As Martin said: surprisingly I liked this one. The Shout was kept short and they quickly returned to Bad Medicine. Well done

RAISE YOUR HANDS - My energy left me at this point. But at least everyone else was still at it

LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - Richie sang the first part!! It was really great, he should do this more often.

BELLS OF FREEDOM - Works really well live, i enjoyed it.

RUNAWAY - Rocked!!!!!!!!

JUST OLDER - I loved the fact that it was played! They may or may not have been acting, but I always love how Jon and Richie play this song together.

THESE DAYS - I couldn't believe it when I heard it. It was great, Jon's voice, the guitars, the keyboard - everything. The crowd in the pit went absolutely crazy.

I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD - Nice, but not really necessary. (I had hoped for Dry County)

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - Best way to end a BJ concert imo. The only thing that got me was that the crowd didn't get the clapping hands part right. Argh.

All in all, a great and long concert (2 hrs 45 minutes) with a good setlist. And for those that have been saying it shows that Richie wasn't in a great mood: Not at all true in Linz. I was right in front of him and he was in a great mood, smiling a lot.

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