Sonntag, 7. Januar 2007

My Life in Toronto

I lived in a shared apartment in an area called “Malta Village” in Toronto’s west end,
close to High Park and Roncesvalles. What I liked most about my area were the
many second hand book shops and little restaurants and cafés. In summer, High
Park was a great escape from the noise of the city.

Malta Village was also very easily accessible. Getting to work usually took me around
45 minutes by public transport (bus & subway). When I had the time, I took the
streetcar instead of the subway. This took significantly longer but was a lot more
interesting since the streetcar drove through Little Italy and Chinatown and then into
Downtown. Nonetheless, I would have liked to live a little closer to work. 

I found the multiculturalism of the city amazing. Even though I am from a big city too
(Berlin), I felt that Toronto was a lot more open to different cultures. Being a food
enthusiast, I also loved trying out all the different restaurants the city has to offer. My
favourites were the Thai and Indian restaurants. I frequently went to eat at
restaurants because many of them offer cheap lunch menus and often it is more
expensive to buy the ingredients and cook them yourself than it is to go to a
restaurant. It was also a great way to socialise with my friends during lunch.

What I liked best about Toronto was its nightlife. The city has a great music scene
and I went to about two to three concerts a week. Many concerts are free or require
only a small cover charge so it was a great way to discover local bands and have a
fun night out with friends. I also got to meet some of my favourite bands. I will really
miss Toronto for all its great little bars & concert venues.

Concerning personal relationships it must be stated that it takes a little time and
patience to really become friends with Canadians. A lot of times I found it easier to
relate to other foreigners, as Canadians tend to be more superficial in their
relationships. Nevertheless, I made some great friends who I already miss dearly and
who I know I will stay in contact with for a very long time to come.

The relationships to my colleagues and managers were built on mutual respect and I
liked the fact that there was such a flat hierarchy. On less busy days we had a lot of
fun working together and I have to say I never worked in such a fun yet professional
environment. Some experiences with guests and colleagues were absolutely
hilarious and unforgettable.

I really enjoyed my time in Toronto and I am considering returning to the city after
finishing my studies. I do not regret a single moment of it and can recommend the
city to anyone looking for an internship in an English speaking country!

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