Donnerstag, 6. September 2007

Vail, Colorado - Week 1

I've been in Vail for just over a week now and so far I'm loving it, although things have been pretty hectic.

I arrived at Denver Intl. Airport on tuesday night and took a shuttle bus to Vail, which Michelle (the HR Assistant Manager at the Sonnenalp) had booked for me. The plane got into Denver early and I got my baggage pretty quickly too so I was able to take an earlier shuttle bus. The scenery on the way from Denver to Vail is amazing. It starts off being very flat and one really wouldn't believe that the Rockies are so close. But then after about 30 mins you drive directly through the mountains and it's such a great sight! I wish I would have taken pictures on the way in. But I'm sure I'll be taking that way a few more times, so the opportunity will most likely present itself at some point...For a start, here's a Vail picture I took from the terrace of our apartment complex.

When I got to the hotel, Jeff (one of the bellmen) took me straight to the apartment, where my new roommates Verena and Alissa, as well as Jeff's girlfriend Melanie, were already waiting for me. I immediately felt really welcomed and at home and the girls are really great. I couldn't have wished for more. I love our apartment, but it is Employee Housing so in the next couple of months HR will be putting more people into our apartment (5 altogether in a 3 bedroom apartment). For this reason we are looking for another place to live right now, so the next couple weeks will be kind of busy too I guess. These two pictures show our apartment complex:

We've already been out a few times and to a couple of parties. It's crazy here, there is way too much partying going on in this city and it's only low season! But its fun nonetheless ;)
Work is fun, too. I really like my coworkers and Daniel did a great job of training me at the front desk so far. I took my first management classes already, too, so my first of 13 credits is taken care of. Only 12 more to go ;) Yesterday I had my orientation day where Kim from HR showed us around the hotel and explained all the important stuff (facilities, health & safety, payroll etc...the usual).

But enough with the boring stuff, here's some more pictures for you!


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