Donnerstag, 20. September 2007

Glenwood Springs

Michelle took Max and me to Glenwood Springs today to apply for our Social Security Card. The drive there was really beautiful and I cursed myself repeatedly for not having taken my camera along. On the I-70 section from Vail to Gypsum we passed lots and lots of golf courses, every little village around here seems to have one! It amazes me how many rich people live in these parts...

The last 18 miles from Gypsum to Glenwood Springs lead directly through Glenwood Canyon. The highway mostly goes along the north side of the Colorado River and through a couple of tunnels (in the Hanging Lake area). The views are spectacular as you are directly in the canyon. I could have driven on like this forever :)

Glenwood Springs is exactly how I imagined a typical Colorado town to be. It isn't very big and the buildings for the most part aren't very tall, but the city is pretty spread out and there are fast food restaurants everywhere you look! It was definitely a lot livelier than Vail ;)

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