Sonntag, 9. September 2007

Quesadillas, Dirndls & Golf

I had thursday and friday off and so my original plan was to go up the mountains and hike a little. However, I ended up not doing it. Instead Verena and I had two very relaxing days which we spent mostly wandering through Vail, drinking Starbucks coffee and going shopping. Well, not really shopping, because I don't have any money yet, but rather looking at stuff i'd love to have... So if anyone has a spare pair of skis or a snowboard - send it my way! ;)

On friday night Verena, Max and I went to a restaurant in Edwards, where I had the best Quesadillas of my life! (It probably helped that all the kitchen staff were Mexican).

Right now there is the Oktoberfest in Lionshead (the village right next to Vail). However, we decided to wait until next week when it's in Vail and we'll show up in Dirndls (my roommate has some). I will keep you updated on this because for now I really can't imagine myself wearing a Dirndl. But we'll see....

On monday I will be having the morning shift so I will be able to take advantage of some free golf lessons at the Sonnenalp Golf Club in Edwards in the afternoon. I am really excited, I've never played golf before! 

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