Freitag, 7. Dezember 2007

A November review...

First of all I would just like to say I am sorry that I haven't been updating my blog in the last 4 weeks. Things were pretty crazy and to be honest I just wasn't in the mood to write much. But I owe you all an update so here goes ;)
Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, the upcoming Bon Jovi concert. I actually managed to get a quite good (albeit rather expensive) ticket. Unfortunately not a floor one, but it's in section 116, so right across from a stage and the view should be good I think. I am really looking forward to that!
From Nov.18 to 24 I went to Austria for my final Diploma exams. Both exams were taking place on monday so I was still pretty jetlagged having arrived in Krems the night before. The Spanish exam was really was about working contracts, temporary employment companies and financing of companies. I wouldn't even have known how to explain all that in English, never mind in Spanish. The result was that I didn't get the grade I had hoped for, but I guess it's okay, at least I passed! Right after the Spanish exam I was told that I had received a "2" on my Diploma Thesis about E-Commerce in the Hotel Industry. So I was really happy with that and went into the second exam a lot more relaxed. 
The first few questions were about Nature Tourism and concerned the antropological stress factors of coral reef systems. I didn't really have too much of an idea about it but ended up talking non-stop (God knows how I managed that! I didn't sound too dumb either LOL). I can't remember the other questions but I am sure they were equally as interesting ;)
In Business Tourism I was asked about trade fairs in Germany and the differences of the German business tourism situation compared to that in the US and Great Britain. The other question was regarding consumer spending in business tourism and which problems arise and how they can be tackled. I thought I did quite well on all those, but again my grades didn't really reflect what I had been hoping for. But at least I got my Diploma in the end. (Although it still hasn't arrived at home, but that a whole other story...).
The rest of the week in Krems consisted mostly of going out with friends and shopping with mum. :D Of course, saying goodbye again was terrible but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep almost right away when I was on the plane to Munich, where I had to change flights. In Munich a funny thing happened. At the passport control the airport official pulled me out of the line and told me to wait for a few minutes. I did, wondering what was wrong. When he came back he asked me which university i had gone to. I told him I had just come back from Krems and he started grinnning. Turns out him and I had had a couple of courses together in the second semester! So we had a little smalltalk about the university and the professors before I left to catch my flight.
When I arrived in Denver, Claudia and Drew picked me up from the airport and the drive to Vail was really nice because it had just snowed the days before so everything was white and extremely beautiful :) When I got home I made myself some coffee and sat down in the living room and a couple of minutes later the front door opened at my new roommates came in. I now live with four Brazilians and love it! They are so nice and have been teaching me quite a lot of portuguese already. I can even have small conversations now :) Felipe and I went to the library yesterday to get some language books so I have been in reading in them from time to time. I really like the language but the pronounciation can be hard sometimes...
Last weekend I got really sick with fever and swollen tonsils so I went to the Emergency Room on sunday. Turns out I had "Angina". They gave me antibiotics (for which i had to pay $60) and now I feel pretty good again, just a little weak and tired.
On wednesday night it was Anna's birthday party at Solar Vail and a lot of people were there. The funniest thing was the two old retired Austrian men who were there....they had a harmonica and a guitar and constantly played Austrian folk songs. The Americans found it all hilarious (albeit weird). However, the party didnt really begin until the "chicken dance" was played by the guy with the harmonica. Now imagine about 15 Brazilians, Germans, Austrians and Americans doing the chicken dance to the harmonica! It was soooo funny :)
Today another funny thing happened. I got on the bus to West Vail at the Transportation Center and as I entered I saw a guy on the back of the bus and thought he looked really familiar, but I couldn't quite place him in my memory. Turns out he went to University with me in Krems! (he was one of the exchange students). The world is a really small place!!!
Anyway, I am off to see Social Distortion live now. Have a good night everyone and don't do anything stupid ;)
Muchos saludos de Colorado,

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